Ongoing Projects

(The works-in-progress)

IStory - Urban SFF in an Alternate Present - Long Arc Series

Tricky to summarize. I think of it as "Once Again" in my head, because of a theme of people running afoul of their own personal history.

Hidden identities, secret societies, an alternate history leading to a byzantine western political system, and corporate ascendancy. Mysterious anti-villains, unclear loyalties, and jurisdictional wrangling. Shadow technologies and arcane phenomena. The three main characters include two weird but competent women with strong, divergent opinions; and one woman who is catapulted out of her depth, trying to figure out why she was dealt so many cards and what the hell to do with them. 

Status: Book 1, draft 2 is about two-thirds revised and sitting at a little over 100,000 words. Books 2 and 3 have basic premises and a few scenes planned.

Fairy tale bricolage, with an inevitable twist

These ideas came out of my love of fairy tales and frustration with companies staking claims in the story public domain. There's a whole rant to be made here, omitted for sanity's sake.

So I decided to play in the fairy tale public domain myself; frankly, it became a little more grimdark than I expected.

Three ideas are worked out so far:

Fairy tale-romance-horror story:

One part well-known romantic fairy tale, one part well-known romance-horror story, added shapeshifters and gore and stirred well. This one I won't necessarily be recommending for young children. Draft 1 is currently at 14,000 words of an expected 50,000.

Coming-of-age anti-romance story with hints of Lovecraft

Largely based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, with Greek, Celtic, and a hint of Japanese mythology thrown in. The Lovecraftian notes were unplanned, but why not? This one I can imagine recommending to adolescents. Currently outlined. Approximately 75,000 words?

Conspiracy "what-really-happened-with-this-romance" story

Equal mixture of a popular fairy tale and a well-known Greek legend, except I torqued the character motivations. Partially outlined, and considerably considered.